Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers for the Demos & Posters Track (in alphabatical order):

Andreas Thalhammer, Ioannis Stavrakantonakis and Ioan Toma Diversity-Aware Clustering of SIOC Posts
Belgin Mutlu, Patrick Hoefler, Vedran Sabol, Gerwald Tschinkel and Michael Granitzer Automated Visualization Support for Linked Research Data
Bettina Steger and Thomas Kurz Resource Description Graph patterns for configuring Linked Data views
Bjørnar Tessem, Bjarte Johansen and Csaba Veres Mobile Location-Driven Associative Search in DBpedia with Tag Clouds
Csaba Veres and Eivind Eidheim Elseth for the Semantic Web with MaDaME
Dominik Kowald, Sebastian Dennerlein, Dieter Theiler, Simon Walk and Christoph Trattner The Social Semantic Server – A Tool to Provide Services on Social Semantic Network Data
Kalpa Gunaratna, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan and Amit Sheth Types of Property Pairs and Alignment on Linked Datasets – A Preliminary Analysis
Magali Jaillard Dancette, Stéphane Schicklin and Audrey Larue Triolet A comprehensive microbial knowledge base to support the development of in-vitro diagnostic solutions in infectious diseases
Panos Alexopoulos, Boris Villazón-Terrazas and Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez Knowledge Tagger: Customizable Semantic Entity Resolution using Ontological Evidence
Simon Hangl, Ioan Toma and Andreas Thalhammer Introducing a Diversity-Aware Drupal Extension
Stefan Bischof, Axel Polleres and Simon Sperl. City Data Pipeline Making Open Data Useful for Cities
Tanja Bergmann, Stefan Bunk, Johannes Eschrig, Christian Hentschel, Magnus Knuth, Harald Sack and Ricarda Schueler Linked Soccer Data