Call for Synergy Workshops & EU-Project Exploration Activities

Does your EU-project struggle with adequately disseminating its exploitable results to industry and investors? Do you wish to discuss your project results in a community of like-minded projects and explore synergies?

The EU-day of I-Know 2013 offers you both opportunities at one event:

  • Host a synergy workshop at I-Know 2013 and bring together like-minded (EU-)projects to present and discuss project results, directions and research challenges.
  • Meet commission representatives of related units to discuss project results and get the newest developments on Horizon 2020.
  • Demonstrate your project results to approximately 250 industry participants and 250 research participants throughout the three day conference.
  • Test the exploitability of your project results by presenting them to investment organizations such as business angels austria and receiving their rating and feedback.

Synergy workshops themselves will take place
on September 4, 2013.
Dissemination and exploitation activities for the projects are planned throughout the whole conference September 4-6, 2013.

Meet investment organizations during the Poster & Demo Session on Thurday September 5, 2013.
Each synergy workshop should address one major research challenge (e.g. big data, smart media, etc.) with one project being the Hosting Project and 4-6 projects being the Participating Projects. That is, the Hosting Projects sets the agenda and invites Participating Projects to take part in the event and sets the stage for dissemination and exploitation activities.


Just send the following information in simple mail format to

  • Acronym and Title of Hosting Project
  • Name and mail address of contact person
  • Your choice of BASIC or PREMIER sponsorship package
  • Short description of challenge to be addressed
    within your synergy workshop
  • EU-Unit which funds your project and name of PO or Unit Head
  • Number and names (if already available) of Participating Project

Advantages for Hosting Projects

  • Organize and set agenda of a synergy workshop with like-minded projects in a comfortable venue
  • Disseminate your project results to industry & science participants (about 50% of I-Know participants are from industry) either in form of simple posters/demos or by having a full-fledged booth
  • Test the exploitability of your project results by presenting demos and getting feedback from investment organizations
  • (e.g. business angels) as well as from industry participants

Hosting projects benefit from publicity via I-KNOW/I-SEMANTICS WebSite by having their logo included in the “sponsors” category, and project description as part of the proceedings and online conference site, a project poster or banner can be displayed during the conference

Advantages for Participating Projects

  • Participate in a synergy workshop
  • Disseminate your project results to industry & science participants in the form of poster and demos
  • Test the exploitability of your project results
  • Participating projects benefit from publicity via project description as part of the proceedings and online conference site


  • Hosting Project pays for the room on September 3, 2013

BASIC sponsorship: €2.000
PREMIER sponsorship: €3.000 includes additionally large booth during conference (including sofa, internet access, several poster walls, etc.)

  • Each participant registers and pays full conference fees
  • Additional rooms for e.g. projects meetings are available, if interested please contact



Stefanie Lindstaedt

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefanie Lindstaedt
Know-Center | Graz University of Technology

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Graz University of Technology (TUG)
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